Background Check

Guaranteed identity verification

This service offers you invaluable insights into your employees’ true identity; what they have done in the past and what actual qualification(s), records and details they have. Having operated in the business for 23 years, we have seen all kinds of individuals making all kinds of claims. Our ability to verify these claims has protected our clients from a significant amount of risks.

Our background checks system is smart, fast, efficiency and effective. We reach out directly to people and institutions using our vast experience and expertise in the field, and are able to secure true and accurate results.

Educational/Credential Verification

We help you to validate the academic records of  job applicants and your current employees which in turn,  saves your business cost and mollifies the risk of bad hire.

Professional Certification Verification

We help your business to verify professional certification claims when a prospective employee is in a position that requires such a certification or when an applicant claims to have a certification.

This service also identifies any restrictions or violations associated with the certification. This is a valuable honesty check and helps protect your business from negligent hiring claims.

Previous Employer Check

Our verification procedure help you to detect any false dates of employment provided, any exaggeration of positions or responsibilities held and the possibility of fictitious employers being named.

Personal Reference Check

Our reference checking allows you to obtain independent information about your candidates’ previous on the job performance.

The information we gather during a reference check is directly related to the key selection criteria of the role your prospective employer have applied for and allows us to validate the information provided by the candidate at the interview.

Fraudulent Claims Verification

ICS Limited  attracts and retains the highest caliber of investigative professionals, and employs an exceptionally large and diverse team with a wide variety of educational backgrounds and experience.

Our investigators are true career professionals and ICS Limited is committed to helping each and every one achieve success as leaders in the industry.


Authenticity of results
Adherence to legal standards

Do you want to reduce cost & waste; increase speed,efficiency and profit margin?

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