People Outsourcing

Do you want staff management solution that is built with data proven experience to drive business results?

Keeping the staff of any organization engaged and highly productive has been the bane of business success in many organizations.

Most managers and even HR departments are hard-pressed to cope with the huge and multi-faceted demands of large groups of staff. While staff management is central to business, it is not the business itself, but a critical factor in making the business successful.

Many organizations have become so engrossed with staff issues that they have failed to thrive, leaving everyone disadvantaged.

People Manager

Each staff is assigned a People Manager. This people manager is responsible for the coordination of all resources to meet the needs of the staffs.

Human Manager Software

Our Human Manager software also enhances our people management efficiency by providing a self help platform where staff requests can be quickly logged, responded to and acted upon.

Total Management Benefits

We manage the benefit and remuneration of our staffs, including their salaries, pensions, taxes, 13th month, bonuses etc. All statutory deductions are made and remitted as and when due and we do not tamper with their salary at any time for any reason.

Health Insurance & Welfare

Our staffs have access to health management insurance (HMO), soft loans, wedding gifts and other compensation support items based on events that may occur in their lives.


Highly Engaged Staff

Our staff have discretionary efforts, willingness and ability to contribute to the success of the organization.

High Level of productivity

We have a stellar staff strength that are high performers creating an impact to our bottom-line.

Excellent Labour relations

We are poised at building relationships, trust and credibility within our organization and amongst the employees, managers and senior leadership team.

Do you want to reduce cost & waste; increase speed,efficiency and profit margin?

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