Sales Outsourcing

Achieve your sales goals

Our Sales Outsourcing service provides you with a highly skilled and dedicated sales force. This helps to drive your sales targets as well as increase your market share. We have a system that allows you to monitor performance and ensure returns on investment.

We work closely with our sales representation deployed to your business, to monitor sales activities and ensure success.

Dedicated Sales Team Manager

With our dedicated sales team manager, we bring flexibility to your business promotional activities.

We help improve prospect of an existing product and the best possible exposure/sales on your newly launched product.

Performance Monitoring and Development

ICS Limited Performance Monitoring and Development enable your sales team to maintain and eventually meet a business desired goals.

Sales process review and alignment for efficiency

We help you identify how you can make the most of the market position you’ve established and decide where to take your business next.

Also, we revisit and update your business plan with your new strategy in mind and make sure you introduce the developments we’ve noted.

Periodic Sales training

Our periodic sales training help sales representatives see missed opportunities, explore a range of opportunities, reveals pattern in a sales cycle that are successful and unsuccessful and make wise decisions that close more and better deals

IT assisted Sales Management Systems

Using our proprietary sales management software offers wide ranging organizational benefit for an enterprise/industry which can help achieve competitive and business goals.

Our sales management software aids in business budgeting and planning to improve business’ overall success.


Sales multiplication
Sales team selling skills improvement

Do you want to reduce cost & waste; increase speed,efficiency and profit margin?

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