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Fleet Management Services.

“When we deploy our Fleet Management Service, it’s comprehensive and tailored for your needs”

ICS Limited offers the best fleet management system in Nigeria. For over 20 years, we have consistently manage fleet systems for different companies of various sizes.

Our Fleet Management service is professionally handled to take burdens off you. We provide brand new vehicles of your choice and replace in four (4) years; the service also goes with the appropriate class driver from our academy, fueling and maintenance of the vehicles. ICS Limited also takes responsibility for all incidental charges.

On the other hand, the drivers are professionally managed with provisions for group life and personal accident insurance policies, access to health care services and the contributory pension scheme

The process of sourcing vehicles for your fleet, engaging and managing the right drivers, fueling, maintaining and replacing depreciated vehicles can be very cumbersome. Managing the process not only consumes time and energy needed for your core entrepreneurial functions, but also restricts your financial liquidity, which is essential for contemporary business success. ICS Fleet Management is willing to help with these business burdens.

Over the years we have built a veritable fleet management solutions business that can compare with any other in the business.
We consult for companies who need to better manage their fleet of vechicles and derive maximum value from their use.
Our offering are highly flexible as we tailor them to meet the needs of our customers. Our flexible options make us highly competitive and allows us to service a very wide range of clientele.

Features of Our Fleet Management Services
Servicing and repairs.
Free vehicle replacement every three years – latest model of the same brand
A Capacity to inherit your existing vehicles, based on agreement and the vehicles’ state of health.
Professionally managed drivers- Salary, Health insurance, pension, life assurance, employee compensation, leave periods and allowance.
Free training and retraining of drivers.


What You Get:
Enjoy uninterrupted fleet management logistics.

Enjoy significantly controlled cost of fleet.

Free up capital for other critical business requirements.


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