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ccip-logoCCIP® Certification proves your readiness for the best jobs in customer service, tele-selling, helpdesks, collections, front-desks and reservations in premier hotels, telephone companies, airlines, travel companies, BPO organizations, customer contact centers and banks.
How CCIP® Works
CCIP® covers customer handling principles; customer relationship management, tele-selling principles, customer service industry information, contact center concepts and call-center technology, in addition to aspects related to team-playing, workplace effectiveness, communication and professional etiquette. BCI Training Partners offer pre-certification training in these areas to help individuals prepare themselves for the jobs and also theCCIP® certification examination. Though practical work experience can never be replaced, the levels of knowledge and acumen assessed during the CCIP® examinations do typically match those of customer interaction professionals who have worked at least for 6 months in the customer interaction function or roles.
CCIP® Benefits
  • Global Recognition:CCIP® has emerged as the most preferred international qualification for customer interaction professionals. The CCIP® qualification puts an individual in the elite international league of world class professionals.
  • Career Advantage:CCIP® manages to hit the ground running thanks to the most structured and rigorous training & education exercise before the certification examination, which not only helps develops skills and competence, but also affords invaluable exposure to the customer interaction space. This helps get the first great job faster; and also the first raise and promotion
  • Employer Benefits:CCIP® qualified professionals prove precious assets for their employers not only because they tend to raise the bar for performance, productivity and service quality, but also because, they impact the work-culture and environment positively.
Jobs CCIP® Prepares You For
  • Front-desks and Receptions of starred hotels, restaurants, shopping arcades
  • Customer Information Desks in Passport Offices, Embassies, Airport Lounges, Airport Check-in Counters, Hospitals etc.
  • Customer Support Centers of appliance makers, computer companies, mobile operators etc.
  • Customer Helpdesks in Banks, Telecom Companies and other types of organizations
  • Tele-selling
  • Loan Recoveries and Collection Centers
  • Customer Handling in Travel & Ticketing companies, shopping malls, hyper-stores etc.
Who Should Acquire the CCIP®
  • Senior School/High School pass-outs with a flair for interaction and who want to work for 5-star hotels, airlines, marketing companies etc.
  • Undergraduate degree holders (bachelors’ level) wanting to make a career in marketing and customer care.
  • Graduating students in universities and colleges who can work in customer interaction for a few years and later opt for a career in marketing.
  • Customer officers/sales representatives working for small companies and who want to move to bigger employers.
  • Sales professionals working for small direct-marketing companies, who now want to settle down in a call center or a bigger marketing company.
  • Professionals already working on the front desks of small companies or banks or government offices and who want an international qualification for faster career growth.

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