Announcing The State of Outsourcing in Nigeria- Survey Results and Analysis

Outsourcing, which is described as the delegation of one or more non-core business processes to an outsourcing provider who then owns, manages and administers the selected processes based on defined and measurable performance metrics and Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the Client and the external provider.

The last few years have been a very interesting one in the outsourcing industry. The outsourcing industry, which was worth over 6 trillion in 2015, has grown lot not only globally but also in Nigeria.

When at ICS Limited, we speak with potential clients who are interested in outsourcing; we noticed a fundamental shift in the questions they ask.

I could remember just a few years back, questions we got range from “What is Outsourcing”. Is Outsourcing not bad?

Today, we hear questions like “If I decide to outsource, how do I predict the value of outsourcing”?

This made us to realize that there is a lot of information and misinformation in the Outsourcing space. We therefore came up with the first ever state of outsourcing survey in Nigeria.

By conducting this survey, we hope to not only understand how people use outsourcing but also get insight into what is expected of outsourcing providers.

We believe the result of this survey holds very important information for not only the users of outsourcing but also for the providers.

Here is the result in infographic form.

Do not forget to read the analysis below.



State of Outsourcing in Nigeria-2016 Survey

outsourcing infographc survey





An Analysis of the State of Outsourcing Survey 2016


  1. For most people, operational efficiency remains the major reason they outsource. Operation efficiency beats lower cost. This goes to prove beyond doubt that while lowering cost is one of the reasons outsourcing is attractive, attaining operational efficiently is more important for users of outsourcing.
  2. If you want your outsourcing to succeed, learn to share responsibility. Majority of users understands that share responsibility remain the critical reason for outsourcing success.
  3. Unfortunately, outsourcing providers still have a long way to go in measuring up to the standard clients expects of them. When asked to rate the overall competence of outsourcing providers, very few people gave them a high score.
  4. Risk of sabotage and loss of control remains the major fear when outsourcing.
  5. Want to impress your clients? Then improve on managerial skills, training of staffs , core operational values and welfare of the outsourced


Are the survey results close to your expectations? What burning questions would you want answered in our next survey? Let us know!

To everyone who took part in this survey, we say a big thank you.


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