Tough Sales? Try these checklists and thank me later

October 20, 2016
by Shola

If more than 60% of your marketing activities do not reach your target audience: Ask the following questions


  • Who is my target audience? Define your product users. You can only get this right when you have a thorough understanding of the value your business creates. In defining your target audience, avoid ambiguity. Your categorization should go beyond industry or company to specific users either individuals or organisations. Example, if the value you create is ‘Training’, who within the organization is a decision maker on Training? HR, MD/CEO, Head of Learning and Development etc Targeting decision makers is a faster route to closing your sales.


  • Where do I find my target audience? Is your target audience in the streets, schools, offices, homes, market, shops, etc? This would determine the medium to reach them. Most organizations get it wrong here; they market their services through the wrong medium and totally waste resources and achieve no sale.



  • How do I reach my target audience? Once you can successfully answer question no (2), you would be able to determine the best medium or media to reach your target audience. Example, the C-Suites are better reached on their emails, newspaper etc while the generation Y is better reached on the social media.


  • What do I say to my target audience? Your message is critical. You may get all the strategies right and fail to communicate the right way and the right thing. You must understand the need of your buyers and how your product/service creates value for the user. Your message must be concise, direct, relevant and impactful. You can use statistics, graphs, and pictures for the C-Suite who does not have the luxury of time to read lengthy messages. ‘Generation Y’ has their style of youthful communication too.


  • Does my message require an action to be taken? Your marketing pitch should not just create awareness but prompt the target audience to take action. Example, fill a form, call a number, send an email etc but the message should be clear on what to do next if interested.


  • Be ready to serve the client: Most organizations receive a good number of Leads and loose the attention of the potential buyer due to carelessness. Example, Incompetent staff in charge of the customer service phone line, poor email communication manners, sometimes the phone is always unreachable or the potential client email does not receive prompt feedback etc


By now, you would understand where you may have missed it in your marketing plan.

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