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About us

ICS Outsourcing Limited is Nigeria’s leading Business Support Solution Company, a pioneer among Nigerian outsourcing companies providing wide range of outsourcing and business support solutions for businesses globally with over 25 years in business. We help companies improve their bottom line when they leverage outsourcing.

Reduce Costs through Outsourcing.

With over 25 years of unalloyed integrity and professionalism.

Our clients achieve greater business outcomes working with our professional and experienced personnel to identify and close efficiency gaps. We are on a mission to create and deploy gap-specific business support solutions which result in verifiable positive business results.

Some of Our Esteemed Clients

Our HR Services and Bespoke Business Support Solutions.

People Outsourcing

Reduce volatility and improve the performance of your workforce. We offer pragmatic advice on HR issues including employee relations.

Recruitment & Selection

We source and screen for the right people who will deliver the right results for your organization, ensuring your daily operations.

Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Successfully grow your business using digital marketing. We help implement your entire digital marketing strategy that ensures high ROI.

Background Checks & Screening

Our ability to verify various claims has protected our clients from a significant amount of risks. Let’s help checkmate against business fraud and deceit.

IT Outsourcing

We’ve increased business productivity and efficiency in Nigeria using technology. Let’s help your business scale with bepoke IT Solutions.

Fleet Management Solutions

Our veritable Fleet Management business solution has driven business success stories in handling logistics challenges. Take the advantage.

Get the Outsourcing advantage today.

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As a pioneer among Nigerian outsourcing companies, we are in business to service the needs of our customers while helping them deliver value to their own customers.

    We respect your privacy.

    Our Customers Speak

    We are the Leading Outsourcing Company in Nigeria

    There are over 200 large, medium and small businesses who presently enjoy the ICS advantage. These relationships are built on the reputation and trust that we always deliver world-class, gap-specific services in a professionally and ethically manner; our business is conducted with Agility, Creativity and Enthusiasm

    Build a Better Business with Outsourcing.

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    Applicant Tracking System

    Bespoke Applicant Tracking System

    HR and recruitment agencies best software to manage recruitment process. AI powered recruitment software.

    IT Outsourcing

    Offload Your IT Support Responsibilities

    Our IT Outsourcing services allow business executives to retain control over IT strategies for more effective delivery of IT-enabled business processes,


    HR Solution for Your Business

    Our flexible software helps with the day-to-day activities of your business,  including leave management, appraisal management, etc.

    General Outsourcing FAQ

    ICS Outsourcing Limited is Nigeria’s leading Human Resource and Business Support Solutions provider. We provide world-class human resource solutions and Digital Solutions.
    Yes, We do. When you outsource to ICS Outsourcing you are assured of saving more than 40-50% of your operating costs and improving the quality of your services. The cost of our services is designed to work with your budget. Outsource to us now and get access to quality solutions while cutting down costs. Call 08090202323. contact us
    At ICS Outsourcing, we ensure security, privacy and confidentiality at every level of the outsourcing process. We adopt the very best in security measures to make sure your confidential information is safe and secure.
    Yes, We do. We adopt the very best of technology to support your business needs and we also develop technologies that solve problems peculiar to your business. Contact us today on 08090202323 to get started or send a mail to enquiries@icsoutsourcing.com. contact us
    You can schedule a meeting with us by filling in the form at icsoutsourcing.com/contact, send a mail to us at enquiries@icsoutsourcing.com or Call: 08090202323 contact us
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