6 Tips for Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak


Each business is affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Some uniquely in contrast to others. While numerous organizations have been compelled to close or progress whole workforces to remote positions, different organizations, for example, food merchants, clinical suppliers, and delivery organizations have seen uncommon interest in their services. Furthermore, that implies a phenomenal interest for background check services in Nigeria on additional workers.

Amazon announced last week that it would enlist 100,000 extra workers in the U.S. and increase pay for workers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Food delivery companies, such as DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub, are seeing more appeal for their services – and they can’t onboard new employees fast enough. On the off chance that you fall into this classification, keeping up appropriate background checks is essential, especially considering the sensitive nature of worker to-customer interactions.

Hiring contingent workers during the coronavirus outbreak

Here are a couple of best practices to consider while employing an extended workforce during the coronavirus outbreak.

1. Understand what type of workers are needed: Businesses seeing increased interest in products or services during the coronavirus outbreak need to organize hiring. With lots of Nigerian workers currently out of unemployment, the pool of workers is increasing. Ensuring you’re staffing for the most essential positions first is critical to success. By having a  clear understanding of the worker’s requirements and their job duties, you can streamline your employee screening process with good background check services in Nigeria. For instance, there’s most likely no compelling reason to conduct a Defensive Driving check on workers for which driving is not a necessary job function.

2. Maintain consistent employment screening practices: Employers should expose contingent or extended workforces to the same employment screening measures as regular employees. As this unique work scene keeps on developing, it’s more significant now than any other time to keep up employment screening practices. Particularly as more contingent workers are performing critical functions and associating with clients and delicate client information.

3. Understand core compliance checks by role: With regards to conducting background check services in Nigeria, certain positions and businesses are required by state and federal government regulators to perform specific types of background checks. Knowing which workers and businesses fall into those classifications and which do not can accelerate the hiring procedure altogether. Job-based screening is something you have to consider while changing current employees into a more progressively fundamental job role – regardless if it is temporary. For instance, odds are eateries probably won’t conduct vehicle records checks on wait staff yet are currently depending on those workers to perform food deliveries during the quarantine.

4. Incorporate your screening policy into contractor agreements: Outsourcing essential workers can be a time and cash saver, yet guarantee that vendors hold fast to a similar background screening protocol that you’ve set up. Ensure your vendors are clear about your requirements and agree to keep them.

5. Do your due diligence: All the principles relating to due diligence apply in equivalent power to your extended workforce. Your business can be at risk for the activities of an extended worker similarly to the actions of regular workers. Organizations are required to know whether and when an individual from their extended workforce is inadequate or in any case unfit for employment through background check services in Nigeria.

6. Keep your screening processes to one system: By eliminating redundancies and smoothing out different screening systems, organizations can reduce risk. Setting up proper controls can be impossible when utilizing multiple systems, making a compliance nightmare. Utilizing one framework can lessen the chances of human blunder and accelerate the procedure.

Creating screening processes for your extended workforce can appear to be overwhelming, particularly in a crisis circumstance like we’re as of now encountering the novel coronavirus, but at the same time, it’s the most ideal approach to help mitigate risk.

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