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We keep you ahead in a rapidly changing world with first-class business solutions.
We keep you ahead in a rapidly changing world with first-class business solutions.
Achieve Great Business Outcomes
Achieve Great Business Outcomes
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Looking for a Management Consulting Company in Nigeria?

Our management consulting administrations center around our customers’ most basic issues and openings: standard procedures, marketing, and sales promotions, tasks, innovation, change, computerized background checks, technology solutions, recruitment, and selection overall businesses. We have demonstrated a multiplier impact from enhancing the whole of the parts, not simply the individual pieces.

  • Business Modal Analysis

  • Coaching Support

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Business Diagnostics Tools

  • Management Support

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Plan Formulation

  • Business Modal Analysis

  • Business Modal Analysis

  • Coaching Support

  • Business Diagnostics Tool

  • Management Support

  • Business Analytics

  • Business Plan Formulation

At ICS Outsourcing, we empower our customers to adopt an advanced first strategy for each business commitment. Our ability is supplemented by an extending technical system of best-of-breed partners who are developing tomorrow’s innovations today.

What we offer

Quicken your advancement and change with a completely coordinated suite of abilities that puts your business objectives at the core of all that you do.

We work with businesses who need to own their future, not avoid it. Together, we accomplish phenomenal results.

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Build a Better Business with Outsourcing

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Companies often live or die on the quality of their workforce. To connect the dots and harness your human resource for productivity. Outsourcing your people and non-core functions help your business grow while you focus on your core.

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    Why you should outsource to us

    We help you cope with the huge and multi-faceted business demands. Outsourcing enables our clients to concentrate on their core business to meet set targets.

    To see how our processes are effortlessly integrated to deliver across the board customized business solution to our clients, click here to speak with our HR Consultant.

    • Greater organizational flexibility

    • Excellent labour relations

    • Improved efficiency

    • Hassle-free HR management

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    Sales Outsourcing

    If you’re serious about the future of your company, you realize that sales and revenue growth are key. Our outsourcing sales solutions help you grow your revenue while you focus on your core.

    Recruitment & Selection

    We source and screen for the right people who will deliver the right results for your organization, ensuring your daily operations

    Digital Marketing Outsourcing

    Successfully grow your business using digital marketing. We help implement your entire digital marketing strategy that ensures high ROI.

    Management Consulting Frequently asked questions

    We define Management Consulting as providing our clients with all relevant information to manage their business risks.
    Why? Because we always provide relevant data that would solve core issues or problems facing your organization. We have provided management consulting in Nigeria for over 25 years and have aided the growth of various local businesses.
    We have been in business for over 25 years and lending support to other businesses, yes we do give good advice. We have helped a wide variety of businesses, throughout Nigeria, to grow and expand their revenue.
    We offer a wide variety of Management Consulting Services in Nigeria. They include:
    • Business Modal Analysis,
    • Coaching Support,
    • Feasibility Studies,
    • Business Diagnostics,
    • Tools Management Support,
    • Business Analytics, and
    • Business Plan Formulation
    Yes. The cost of our services varies depending on the number of services requested. Please schedule a meeting with us at https://www.icsoutsourcing.com/business-advisory/ or call us on +2348090202323 for more information contact us
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