Digital Marketing Outsourcing: What are the top SEO techniques to drive traffic for business growth?

SEO techniques to drive traffic for business growth?

What are the top SEO techniques to drive traffic for business growth?

Learn new advanced SEO techniques that will help grow your website traffic. This detailed SEO techniques on digital marketing outsourcing outline the latest and best strategies for on-page and off-page. These days, a decently optimized website is usually the basic cost of online conversion.

Not getting the results you want from your SEO efforts? Or you are wondering; how can I do SEO for my website? The insights and techniques shared in this article will get you going in no time and if you feel you want to outsource your SEO optimization effort to a digital marketing agency or freelancer, this will be a great way to focus on your core and get the most out of your online platforms.

If you are missing the important steps in SEO, you could be missing out on transactional or search queries on search engines that will be more likely to convert. A good SEO strategy makes your business website visible and findable when people interested in your products or services are searching online. If you have accepted that SEO optimization is critical to the success of your business, then it’s time that you make a decision.

If you are looking to upgrade your SEO marketing knowledge, then you are on the best SEO techniques article. The knowledge you are going to gain from reading this article will give you an idea of what to expect if eventually, you decide to outsource your SEO strategy to a digital marketing outsourcing company.

Relax and enjoy reading the SEO techniques to help drive traffic to your business at no cost.

What are the top techniques for SEO?

  1. Keywords to Build Brand Awareness

To build brand awareness, it is essential that we identify the keywords for which your business has to rank, compete and show up. When your website appears on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines for a specific keyword search query, people start showing trust in your brand, which translates to more click-through and visits to your landing pages. The more often this happens, search engine will also attempt to recommend or suggest your website at another time when a user searches for related keyword or search items. This is building an online presence otherwise known as brand visibility or online awareness.

That’s why businesses that want to build a strong online brand reputation must invest in SEO. Thus, not only will good SEO translates to gaining good search engine rankings for the key terms related to the business but also the acquisition of qualified leads.

  1. Focus on High-Quality Content

Needless to say that content is king; the point is, there are billions of contents out there on the web waiting to be served online. What makes the content king is the value addition and how valuable the content you are serving online users is. Serving high-quality content is the best and most efficient medium to connect with your target audience, create brand awareness, showcase your authority in that niche and build trust. Aside from serving high-quality content, you must ensure that this content is optimal for SEO.

How to Create High Quality

  • Create high quality and best possible content. There is a flood of best content over the internet and you will only stand out when you serve relevant and focused content.
  • Blogging and posting random content will not work. In the long run, it will only hurt your SEO and online reputation. As much as possible, try to publish some quality content.
  • Do keyword research, check what the competition is doing or blogging, do not copy instead be creative and come up with distinct and valuable content.
  • Quality and focused contents are like a magnet that attracts people to your website. It will help generate hundreds of quality backlinks and link juice.
  • Know that you have won half the battles when you resolve to only create high-quality content.
  • Avoid duplicate content and always subject your content to plagiarism check before posting online. Use this online tool for plagiarism and duplicate content checks.
  1. Increase Website Speed

All search engines take website speed seriously nowadays. Your Website Load Speed is one of the most important ranking factors right now considered by the search engine. If your website loads very slowly then you are never going to have a good impression on the search engine and in return will affect your website bounce and exit rate. The more users bounce and exit your website, the more it hurts your SEO rankings. Aside from your website loading fast for your visitor to see, your visitors will also like your website loading quickly in all types of devices. Check your website page speed and load time with this free tool (PageInsight and Gtmetrix). Once you have fixed your design and speed issues, move on to the content.

When you run a check on your website and your site shows a result that is below the average, you will get suggestions and recommendations along with the result on how to improve website speed. We recommend you follow these simple steps below to improve your site speed and improve load speed issues.

How to Increase Website LoadSpeed

  • Minify CSS, JAVA and HTML
  • Remove Render Blocking JAVA scripts
  • Increase Server Response Time
  • Optimize Images
  • Reduce Redirects
  • Defer Parsing of Javascript
  • Serve Scaled Images and Specify Image Dimension (avoid using CSS)
  • Leverage Browser Caching
  • Enable Server Compression from Cpanel

You can use ICS Digital Marketing services to get any type of SEO assistance needed in case you are not familiar with the above technical terms.

  1. Voice Search

What is Voice search optimization?

People now use voice search on their mobile and smartphone to request for information instead of the convention type search. According to 99Firms.com, over 20% of the searches on the mobile device are voice-based and with over 33 million voice-assistants in circulation globally, your website must be ready and prepared for mobile voice search.

Google CEO, Sundar Pichai has also announced that the one out 5 searches on Google are now voice searches. Teenagers and savvy users use voice search. They use voice search on the go, with friends, in schools and even in the bathroom. Doing a Voice Search SEO will help your content rank better for voice search, if you have a lot of pages with long, quality and focused content with a lot of keyword phrases on the page, this will help your voice search optimization too. With the increase in the use of digital assistants and the accuracy of voice search devices, optimizing for voice search is critical to your SEO success.

Here are some useful tips to optimize for voice search.

  • Do you solely write for your audience? You have to use structured SEO metadata
  • Add your Google My Business Listing Page
  • People extensively use the search query for “things to do near me.” Ensure your content includes the “Near Me” phrases online users are searching for. Include “Near me” in your title tags, meta tag description, internal links, and anchor text on your web page.
  • Create blog posts answering your customers’ questions

Is your web page mobile-friendly? Click here a request for us to test for you free.

  1. Video Content

One of the best SEO trends of 2020 and beyond is to adopt video content in your strategy. If you say a picture speaks a thousand words, then video content will speak much more. Video marketing can make your customers stay glued with the content it displays. Users most times prefer to just watch videos. Your video content should include a storyline of the incidents and situations that can be linked to your audience and people interested in your product and services.

  1. Website Device Responsive

How do I make my website mobile responsive?

Your website should load fast and correctly in all types of devices and screen sizes. With Google launching a new SEO update in 2005, websites that are not mobile responsive are not mobile-friendly and can get penalized.

To know if your website is mobile-friendly, you can use an official tool developed by Google. (Mobile-Friendly Test – Google Search Console)

If your website gets negative results in this test then you must correct them. ICS Digital Solutions is always ready to help you with any type of website optimization and SEO campaigns.

  1. Schema Markup or Structured Data for SEO

How can I improve my SEO by schema markup?

Schema Markup, also known as structured data makes the content on your web pages easier for search engines to crawl, analyze, organize and display your content by adding extra code. Structured data instructs search engine what your website content or post is all about.

Content remains at the top ranking factors in SEO, but what is changing actually is the way search engines crawl and analyze your website content. With search engines getting much better and improved in recent years at understanding a user’s search intent, in order to provide the most relevant results you can no longer play a trick else you will be penalized. The only solution is to do it the right and the SEO way. Here are some useful tips on how to add and improve your schema markup for your web pages.

Know the type of structured data to use, click here courtesy of Google

If you lack the coding experience and time to fix your schema markup issues, outsource to ICS Digital SEO Expert today. We can help you get on Google’s first page real quick.

  1. Pay More Attention to Local SEO

Local SEO will be more critical over the next few years according to SEO experts. With over 46% of all Google searches now looking for local businesses, services, and information and with 95% of Smartphone users using their device to perform local searches, businesses cannot afford to miss out on this ‘holy grail’. So you cannot afford not to pay more attention to local SEO, especially if you have an audience in a specific location.

Let’s show you how to optimize your website for local SEO.

For local SEO, include local business schema or structured data markup on every web page. I have mentioned this earlier.

  • Claim your Google My Business Page.
  • Update your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone Number) citation on your website.
  • Compare with your business with other listing and optimize your business is listing page on Google My Business website.
  • Have social media handles links to your local business. It will also help you with local SEO. If you haven’t created your Facebook business page yet other social media website, you should now or we help you with creating, optimizing and managing your social media business page.
  • Make sure you every product, services, and locations, has a dedicated page and apply a schema to each of them.

Let’s get your business profile on Google Search and Google Map, make a request now!

In conclusion

Most companies think that SEO and SEO marketing campaigns are not really important that it would warrant to outsource. That is a wrong insight, and in case you really desire to reap benefits from your SEO effort and digital marketing campaigns you must invest enough time to grow your online brand awareness, so outsourcing the activity to experts will give decent returns as you get to focus on the core of your business. We hope that the information and tips presented in this article come handy the next time you are trying to fix your website SEO issues and drive traffic for your business. Also, if you are already talking to a digital marketing agency, these are some of the recommended SEO checklists that they should be communicating across.

Do you need a trusted digital marketing and SEO outsourcing partner to help you grow your business online presence and SEO visibility? ICS Outsourcing has years of experience helping businesses by offering gap specific business support solutions. From conceptualization and strategy to final-stage execution, we implement your entire digital marketing strategy as we adopt a 360° approach helping businesses succeed through excellent digital services, focused on results.

Don’t let your customer find your competitor, let your customer find you.

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