Dr. Peter Akindeju & ICS Outsourcing Ltd Bags Prestigious TEEiN Award.

Dr. Peter Akindeju & ICS Outsourcing Ltd Bags prestigious Award
  1. Award Of Excellence in Youth Development and Enterprise value creation presented to Dr. Peter Akindeju
  2. Award Of Most Enterprising Business Support Solutions Company of the year 2018 presented to ICS Outsourcing

In recognition of Dr. Peter Akindeju’s effort towards his contribution to the encouragement and assistance of aspiring youth in the development of their entrepreneurial abilities, The Entrepreneurship & Empowerment Initiative Of Nigeria (TEEiN), a Social Enterprise established to champion the cause of youth entrepreneurial skill development celebrated the TEEiN Award/Dinner on Monday 1st of October 2018.

The TEEiN Awards was organized in conjunction with the University of Lagos State and Kwara State University which was themed “Creating wealth through Entrepreneurship” meant to accelerate development of a new generation of young and innovative entrepreneurs.

This momentous/ prestigious Award ceremony promises to bring together the brightest and most influential minds from captains of industries as well as seasoned entrepreneurs. The TEEiN acknowledge, honor and celebrate the sterling efforts as well as pioneering spirit of the Most Enterprising Business Support Solution Company of the Year. The award was presented to ICS Outsourcing Ltd, a pioneering Business Support Solutions Company who have contributed immensely to the growth of the economy.

The Awards seek to carve out a space for companies to be the ‘wind’ that drives the sails of our job creation and economic growth. In a country where a significant proportion of the young population is without employment or sustainable economic opportunity, it is imperative to acknowledge business success and unleash new role models who can inspire numerous other stakeholders.

Innovation has become the blueprint to sustainable entrepreneurial success, handsomely rewarding those that embrace it, by affording them creative ability, market access, competitiveness, growth and ultimately grand success.

It is for this reason that the TEEiN Awards are looking to identify and acknowledge stakeholders, companies, industries and sectors who display future oriented driven solutions, innovative methods/strategies, business models and technologies as their mainstay to success along with sustainable turn-over, increasing market share, growth, employment creation and service excellence.

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