Nigeria’s youth face many challenges in gaining an education that delivers them the right set of skills and knowledge demanded by the labor market. As a consequence, the transition from school to work is more often than not unsuccessful such that our graduates end up either unemployed or underemployed in the rural and urban informal sectors.

The Pandemic has further exposed the position of the labor market not just in Nigeria but around the world. There are lots of top professionals that are out of a job and are waiting in anticipation to grab the few opportunities available as economies begin to recover from the numerous effect the Pandemic has caused. This has left so many young but less experienced youths who will have to compete in the tight labor market.

The purpose of this programme is to
• create gainful employment opportunities for Nigerian graduates through employability and enterprise resource interventions.
• Expose our learning and development portal through which the beneficiaries can build a fulfilling career as they progress.
• Develop the talents of our people to realize their full potentials and
• Supporting students and graduates through practical employability training.
• Develop and transform the mental capabilities of the beneficiaries while educating and preparing them for the challenges ahead of them in the workplace.
• Help individuals assess their skills, interests, and values in order to identify types of jobs that suit them in specific industries.
• Increase the population of self-aware, assertive, and confident young people.
• Provide a platform for fulfilling and flourishing future careers.
• Strategically position the nation’s human and socio-economic resources.


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