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    Powering the Best in the Hospitality Business

    You need a world-class property management system to run your hotel’s front desk and back office. We’ve spent hours researching what independent hoteliers need to take their business to the next level. From before check-in to post check out, we have everything you need to get your guests moving and your hotel running.

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    Powering the Best in Remote Working

    At the point when you’re initially changing to remote work, you’ll need an application that can monitor work hours and progress as effectively as it’s done in an office. That is Flexymore.

    Flexymore is a time tracking and work management application that worked to assist groups with making the most out of their time, build trust, and provide accountability.

    Track and Manage your Remote Team Seamlessly

    Project Management

    Plan, organize, and manage your team’s work, from start to finish.

    Work Flow Management

    Customize workflows to fit your team and company’s needs — so everyone tackles the right tasks at the right time.

    Leverage on smart visualization

    Flexymore is built for everyone, so you can plan and structure work how you want.

    Available wherever, whenever

    Flexymore works on any device, anywhere. You can access your reservations, reports, and more, anytime you want. It’s all just a few clicks away.

    Compete on a Whole New Level

    With Flexymore, your business can outsmart the competition through streamlined distribution and increased business efficiency.

    Take informed decision

    Keep track of KPIs on team’s performance and take a fact-based insightful decision

    FlexyMore Frequently Asked Questions

    Flexymore is a virtual office application for business management and communication introduced by ICS OUTSOURCING
    Flexymore virtual office space furnishes your business with all the advantages of a commercial property: an office address and phone number, communication and administration services; and access to meeting rooms without the need for physical office space. It provides amazing office tools like Project Management, Timesheet, Videoconferencing and more. It works to provide a digital workspace.
    To set up a flexymore workspace visit https://www.icsoutsourcing.com/flexy-more.Fill the request form at ICS Outsourcing and a free trial flexymore virtual workspace would be set up for you.
    Flexy more is a brilliant office tool that helps to be organized and in control of time, business plans, and activities, prompting increment in efficiency and productivity.
    Flexymore is best for sorting out, planning, and following work and projects. What makes Flexymore extraordinary compared to other office management software is the ability to request for more features or to make changes to some features enabling you to have a unique workspace that meets business needs.
    Flexymore provides you with a 15days free trial session.
    Data from your virtual office are private, protected and secured and can't be accessed by any third party.
    You can contact flexymore by visiting Flexymore or call +234 08090202323
    flexymore allows you to have a personalized workspace that meets your business needs. Call 08090202323 to request for more office features or to make changes on some features.
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