Flexymore – The new reliable virtual office application for business management and communication.


Flexymore – The new reliable virtual office application for business management and communication.

As governments are beginning to remove COVID19 restrictions, local businesses are faced with the challenge of carrying out business activities without risking the health and safety of their staff. Communication and task management are essential in carrying out any business operation during these difficult times.

The dangers of poor business management in the era of COVID19

Organizations incurred a tremendous measure of losses because of the COVID19 lockdown. Organizations can still lose more in profit if they can’t adequately compose their business operations. David Grossman revealed in “The Cost of Poor Communication” that 60% of revenue is lost because of inadequate communication and management tools. The significance of communication and management is clearer at the period of covid19.

Effective business communication and management is an unavoidable truth, particularly in the working environment, where teamwork, technology, and remote work are fundamental for sustainability. For a business to flourish, meet deadlines and surpass goals, a reliable communication system, and business management must be set up.

With the vulnerability of the present business sectors, starting a new business or maintaining one is getting more hazardous than precedent times. Numerous business ideas have gone unexplored because of the challenges of the pandemic. But with the advent of the virtual office system, a business doesn’t have to be so precarious. Numerous organizations these days are deciding to avoid the traditional workspace, and opt for renting a virtual office. This decision liberates entrepreneurs from some of the dangers that individuals who rent traditional workplaces frequently underestimate.


The Future of business operations and administrative services.

ICS outsourcing limited is introducing its new app called FLEXYMORE. Flexymore is a virtual office application for business continuity and sustainability. It helps to manage business projects remotely and on-site, task seamlessly while keeping the team productive and improving business performance. Flexymore is simple to set up and easy to shut down, without the need to spend anything additional.


Flexymore helps businesses to optimize their operation time and plans. Flexymore enables business managers to accomplish more in a shorter timeframe, which prompts more available opportunities to finish more pressing business tasks, lets you exploit faster business development strategies, brings down business risk, assists with your business’ image, and makes your business to stand apart among competition.


With flexymore, business enlargement is made easy. Our virtual office application helps you to grow your business without expecting to move to a bigger office. This is a lower cost and tranquil option in contrast to relocating to a larger office and paying even greater rent prices. This Virtual office application helps your business save on expenses, as there is no compelling reason to rent physical space, purchase hardware and furniture, or recruit extra staff.

Another advantage of having flexymore as a preferred workplace is that it permits everybody to work productively from their sheltered space, which decreases feelings of anxiety and gives sufficient opportunity for friends and family bonding. Flexibility at work makes employees more energetic, enthusiastic, and interested in work. A study conducted by Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom found that 80% of employees perform better in a flexible workspace.

Flexymore allows business owners access to worldwide talent. Businesses can enlist the best abilities they need without putting resources into money, enrollment drives, and this gives sufficient opportunity to pick the perfect individual for the job from anywhere in the world.

One intriguing fact about Flexymore is that it facilitates instant messaging, sharing of documents and information in a secure environment, and helps connect staff from all over the world on phone and video calls. Our UX/UI interface also makes work more engaging while often speeding up the time taken to complete tasks – further optimizing productivity.

Another striking fact about Flexymore is its ability to reduce the spread of COVID in the workplace and creating a safe atmosphere. How? By providing you the means to carry out business operations but still reducing congestion and overcrowding in the office, preventing your staff from getting ill from the virus, and protecting your workforce strength.

Flexymore provides its users with the best features in a remote working environment such as team grouping, time tracking, milestones setting, illustrative statistics, progress tracking, and many more.

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The mission behind Flexymore is to bridge the gap between a traditional office and a remote workspace. To promote the continuity of business operations during times of uncertainty. Flexymore virtual office space provides your business with all the perks of commercial property, an office address and telephone number, communication and administration services, and access to meeting rooms without the need for physical office space. Signup here:https://www.icsoutsourcing.com/flexy-more/.

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