How GPS Tracking Solution Can Help Logistic Businesses

The usefulness of vehicle tracking in the logistics business is immeasurable in Nigeria. GPS technology, used in vehicle tracking, is more than a tool that helps drivers to go from one location to another. GPS Vehicle tracking solution has transformed the sphere of logistics industry helping to run businesses profitably while simultaneously meeting customer requirements. Click here: Looking for the best Fleet Management Company in Lagos Nigeria

Logistics Business

The logistics business is basically the movement or transportation of goods and services from point A to point B in a structured and disciplined manner. The activities of logistics business include the whole process of ordering, packaging, paying, routing, dispatching, transporting, delivering and receiving of goods and services required. Logistics is very important to all industries ranging from courier and machinery to eCommerce. Shipment of items safely and responsibly to the satisfaction of the customer is the motto of a good logistics business. Vehicle tracking software for (car dealers, for cheating spouse, fleet managers) increases the efficiency of the operations, reduces cost and increases profitability. It helps the logistics business in numerous ways.

Fleet Management

Fleet management is an important factor in achieving success in a logistics business. When you run a business that operates through a fleet of vehicles, it is important to have information regarding the whereabouts of vehicles at any given time. The GPS vehicle tracking solution is the most basic vehicle tracking system in operation today. The tracking devices enables the monitoring of operation activities, thereby saving cost and increasing productivity. On the tracking platform, details of all vehicles which are in motion and the directions in which they are traveling are easily available on this system. GPS tracking technology can detect engine start up, shut down and resting times. Vehicle speeds and routes traveled can be monitored. Any deviations from assigned destinations are logged automatically. The system is extremely helpful in the logistics business. SmoothTracker GPS tracking device allows for two way communication with the fleet. Last minute changes in re-routing vehicles, assigning additional routes, picking of extra consignments, canceling of deliveries can be accommodated at bare minimum costs. Informing drivers who are moving on the wrong routes, warning drivers against misconduct while on duty can be done based on the information provided by the fleet management tracking software. Fleet management allows better management of the vehicles. Informed and better decisions can be made faster based on the location of vehicles.

On Road Safety

Drivers are the backbone of every transportation business. Their safety and well-being are of top priority. SmoothTracker GPS car tracking device provides two-way communication and panic buttons for the use of drivers in case of emergency. Monitoring of speed limits and drivers behavior on the wheel will keep the drivers and all others on the road safe. Installation of SmoothTracker GPS device prevents drivers from over-speeding and rash driving. Drivers with good driving skills can be identified. They can be rewarded or offered incentives to boost morale. The GPS system sends alerts in cases of theft. If a vehicle with a full consignment is stolen the company suffers massive losses. The system helps in tracking and finding the stolen vehicle.

System Efficiency

The GPS vehicle tracking solution is automated and provides real-time information on smart devices including mobile phones and internet networks, this helps in quick decision making and results in faster response times. The data generated by the system is accurate, unlike the manual reports where the chances of error are high. Drivers and the staff need not spend time on paperwork as the details are obtained directly on the system. They can utilize their time productively for other tasks. The GPS Vehicle tracking solution develops a trust between employers and drivers leaving no scope for doubts. This ensures transparency providing explanations for every action by the driver in the operation of the fleet. Exact causes for delay in service delivery can be determined.  

Operational Cost Reduction

In a logistics business, the major part of operational expenses is that of fuel utilized by the fleet. The rate of fuel consumption and expenses can be analyzed from the reports generated by the tracking system. Checking of distances traveled, routes taken, over speeding, idling and fuel consumption will help in minimizing fuel expenses. Optimal routing reduces fuel consumption and increases efficiency. Driver habits which lead to excessive usage of fuel can be detected and curtailed. Sudden starts and acceleration, aggressive braking and rash driving take a toll on the engine performance and increase fuel consumption. Most Car Insurance and Tracking Companies offer a discount on premiums for vehicles equipped with GPS tracking systems. If the vehicle gets into adverse situations like car theft, the tracking devices prompt immediate action thus minimizing risk. Hence the insurance premium is reduced. With a vehicle tracking system, it is possible to keep an eye on every single aspect of the business so that the operations can run smoothly with lower operating costs.   SmoothTracker GPS tracking device comes with benefits of convenience and flexibility. Company‚Äôs Productivity can be increased, costs can be controlled, and workflow can be improved at one stroke and has the potential to transform every business into a highly successful one. Culled From SmoothTracker  
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