How To Sustain A Business In Nigeria

How To Sustain A Business In Nigeria

Building a business is not an easy feat to achieve that’s why we have to talk about how to sustain a business in Nigeria, but the main work comes after start-up. What is the work? It is the ability to sustain the business, its growth, and expansion. Companies are eager to grow the business but hardly think about sustaining it in the long run.

A fundamental for sustaining a business is a strong operational foundation which entails reducing the risk of the business over a period of time.

How do you ensure long time success for a business? However, to know how to sustain a business in Nigeria, it is by ensuring certain foundations are laid firmly.

Some of these foundational things are;

Hiring top talent:

It is difficult for a business to grow and sustain momentum without the right people in the business and in strategic positions. Without these talents, the growth of the business is highly unlikely.


For a business to grow, certain risks have to be taken. It encourages innovation and also creates an avenue for employees to share ideas.

Good culture and business ethics:

Culture and work ethic in a business have a great impact on how it will succeed.

What are the ways to sustain a business and its growth?

1. Knowing your competitor:

Every business has its competitors, being aware of competitors, their strengths and weakness, and exploiting this and creating opportunities from it is key. Knowing your competitors helps your business not to become a commodity and also Knowing their services helps you to set your standards allowing your business to stand out.

2. Be unique:

Be distinct, and have something that no other company has. Being different creates an avenue with which you can penetrate the market.

Having a realistic growth plan- having a plan in place for growth is vital. It is important for the plan to be realistic with achievable aims

3. Strong leadership:

Having a leader that is proficient in their work, and knows what they are doing propels confidence in his workers. Strong leadership throughout the entirety of the business is critical.

4. Spot your weaknesses and improve them:

Every business no matter how well planned it is will always have weaknesses. There are always going to be ways in which a business can be improved. Knowing this enables you to search for those weaknesses and devise ways to improve them and increase customer satisfaction.

5. Target diverse individuals:

Promoting services in different diverse markets helps in increasing the customer base. Targeting individuals from diverse backgrounds and not just from a particular market or concentrated in one area helps in the expansion and creates growth for the business.

6. Marketing:

It is the driving force of a business; a business must have a constant flow of leads that puts them in the public eye. A business should never stop its marketing as this is a critical aspect that leads to success.

7. Decision making:

Leaders are there to solve problems, so in a business, you must be ready to make critical decisions that align with a sound decision-making process and transparency is also key to keeping the business.

It is one thing to start a business and another to grow and sustain that business for a long time. Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts.

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Credit: Peace Ikhile

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