How to Turn Digital Marketing into an Intelligent Business Growth Engine.

ICS Outsourcing-How to Turn Digital Marketing into an Intelligent Business Growth Engine.

In today’s world, website, social media and search engine optimization are the cornerstones of marketing strategies for businesses. The amount of data for analysis is increasing exponentially, and businesses are turning into digital marketing for smart decision-making.


Digital marketing and business intelligence uses data to make quality decisions in order to improve processes and optimize ROI (return on investment). However, for many industries, business intelligence continues to be an elusive concept that never quite finds its way to the top of the priority list.


Search engine marketing is gradually becoming more of an analytical as many analytics platforms (like Google Analytics) now provide a large depth of data that includes basic demographics as well as user search behavior. For instance, if 90% of all Nigerians visitors to your website go to a specific product or services page, then it would make sense to further develop marketing and advertising for that product in the Nigerian.


2011 article in Search Engine Land highlight shows shift emphasis in data analysis for many available search engine marketing positions. By placing a bigger emphasis on the data behind online marketing campaigns, traditional business intelligence reports can translate how online marketing efforts are (positively or negatively) affecting the bottom line.


According to digital marketing agency AccuraCast, business intelligence can give companies a better view of how to effectively interact with their customers online:

With clearly defined goals and marketing strategies in place, companies can use business intelligence to improve the overall effectiveness of their website by examining the site performance, usage trends, visitor loyalty, customer searches, audience circulation, content and product placement, search engine performance and overall visitor behavior. Businesses can therefore use these elements to understand how their site is used, maximize revenue from affiliates, and improve site design and layout.

Take further step and implement business intelligence in every aspect of your company online activities. With core expertise in digital marketing analytics tool, ICS Digital stands out in helping businesses succeed.


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