Dr. Peter Akindeju & ICS Outsourcing Ltd Bags prestigious Award

Dr. Peter Akindeju & ICS Outsourcing Ltd Bags Prestigious TEEiN Award.

Award Of Excellence in Youth Development and Enterprise value creation presented to Dr. Peter Akindeju Award Of Most Enterprising Business Support Solutions Company of the year 2018 presented to ICS Outsourcing In recognition of Dr. Peter Akindeju’s effort towards his contribution to the encouragement and assistance of aspiring youth in the development of their entrepreneurial […]

War Against Malaria; ICS Outsourcing Distributes Mosquito Nets in Makoko

Malaria is a significant public health problem with a high prevalence in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, a report by WHO reveals an estimated 216 million malaria cases and 445,000 deaths and also shows that an estimated 91% of deaths in 2016 were in the WHO African Region. Nevertheless, increased malaria prevention and control […]


New challenges are currently rocking the business processing outsourcing (BPO) industry. The trained staff of BPOs is unable to keep up with their field’s ever growing demands. While outsourcing continues to be lucrative and profitable for both ends of the transaction, some BPO companies find themselves unequipped to address skills such as finance and accounting. Other […]

ICS Limited launches world class tracking platform to monitor moving assets.

SmoothTracker, a brand of ICS Outsourcing– Nigeria’s leading Outsourcing firm, today announced the launch of its tracking platform. It is a platform created specifically for tracking of fleets and other moving assets aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and eliminating other uncertainties. Fleet owners are constantly looking for cost-saving ways to track their assets. The all-new […]

Tips on how to prospect on social media

Have you wondered about the exact value of Social media marketing or the proper metrics to measure/analyze social media successes? Top executives are keen on knowing the ROI of social media – the value of customers/ Lead generation that comes from the social media team within a stipulated period. Getting and acquiring online prospect is […]

Outsourcing Software Development – What you should know.

Have you heard of the  “5 Ws of Outsourcing Software Development”? – No big deal if you haven’t, these include: Whom to Outsource (to), Why to Outsource, Where to Outsource, When to Outsource, What to Outsource and Why to Outsource When to Outsource Next to the Shakespearean dilemma of “To be or not to be”, “To […]

Corporate Social Responsibility – Giving Back

We are delighted to give back to our Society and by this, we have thought it nice to reach out to the young ones in basic school within our immediate environment. This is a way of ploughing back into the immediate environment we operate from and from which we have benefitted immensely The People Management […]