How To Sustain A Business In Nigeria

How To Sustain A Business In Nigeria

Building a business is not an easy feat to achieve that’s why we have to talk about how to sustain a business in Nigeria, but the main work comes after start-up. What is the work? It is the ability to sustain the business, its growth, and expansion. Companies are eager to grow the business but […]

Reasons Outsourcing Could Benefit Your Business in Nigeria

Reasons Outsourcing Could Benefit Your Business in Nigeria

Your firm can benefit greatly from outsourcing as it moves through the various stages of growth. Portions of the world’s major corporations outsource some of their work. Maintaining stable growth and productivity requires finding the right mix of in-house and outsourced resources. The benefits of outsourcing will be discussed in this article. You need to […]


Recruitment is a big issue for organizations, everything being equal. It is an expensive cycle, in terms of time and money. In that capacity, we as a whole go into recruitment planning to land a credible employee who will increase the value of your organization for the long haul. Unfortunately, things don’t generally turn out […]

Virtual Office: Expectations vs. Reality

The Business Ecosystem The year 2020 had caught many businesses by surprise. Many Organizations were completely unprepared to carry out business operations during the mandatory shutdown and curfews. As restrictions are being removed, many business leaders are still grappling with the loss of revenue they experienced at the beginning of the year. As a result […]

6 Tips for Hiring During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Each business is affected by the outbreak of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Some uniquely in contrast to others. While numerous organizations have been compelled to close or progress whole workforces to remote positions, different organizations, for example, food merchants, clinical suppliers, and delivery organizations have seen uncommon interest in their services. Furthermore, that implies a phenomenal interest […]

Call outsourcing company in Lagos Nigeria

7 Steps Guide to Call Centre Outsourcing

Is it accurate to say that you are not getting results from your call center? Here is a seven-advance guide you can use to screen and improve your call quality. Do you recollect the last time you called a customer service desk? Do you recall hearing a short message that went something like “This call […]

Outsource Payroll: ICS Outsourcing

Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll for Your Business

The Benefit of Payroll Outsourcing to your Business Outsource Your Payroll Support functions grow as the business keeps growing. It is not easy to keep up with these growing needs and sometimes the smart way out is to outsource some non-core functions. By outsourcing your payroll function, organizations are able to focus more on core […]

Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business

SmoothRide – Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business

Is your regular Taxi safer for your business trips than SmoothRide (Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business)? In 2019, ICS Outsourcing propelled its ride-sharing application known as SmoothRide¬†– Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business,¬† upsetting the taxi administration/ridesharing industry, and since, it has perceived gigantic development. As of the last quarter in 2019, […]

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