Protect Your Organization and Uncover Hidden Risks in People and Business Relationships

Background Check helps protect your organization and uncover hidden risks in people and business relationships. Background Check Company in Nigeria The importance of background check cannot be downplayed. A robust background check will help in preventing financial waste and reputational loss to an individual or organization. To further lend credence to the above, we shall […]

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How Outsourcing Solves Problem Business Faces.

How Outsourcing Solves Problem Business Faces. Outsourcing should be an integral part of every business system. No sector or organization can be fully independent. It has to receive assistance at some point from an outside company. Most businesses have come to realize that owning everything required for doing business on their value chain is not […]

How GPS Tracking Solution Can Help Logistic Businesses

The usefulness of vehicle tracking in the logistics business is immeasurable in Nigeria. GPS technology, used in vehicle tracking, is more than a tool that helps drivers to go from one location to another. GPS Vehicle tracking solution has transformed the sphere of logistics industry helping to run businesses profitably while simultaneously meeting customer requirements. […]

Outsourcing and the future of work- ICS Outsourcing

Outsourcing and the future of work – Best Outsourcing Firm in Lagos Nigeria

Outsourcing and the future of work Outsourcing practices have been and will continue to be a disruptive force in the labor market in Nigeria as we move towards 2020.  And it has been praised as cost-effective, efficient, productive and strategic for businesses. Like it or not: Outsourcing is about to change the ways we work. The businesses climate […]

ICS Outsourcing-How to Turn Digital Marketing into an Intelligent Business Growth Engine.

How to Turn Digital Marketing into an Intelligent Business Growth Engine.

In today’s world, website, social media and search engine optimization are the cornerstones of marketing strategies for businesses. The amount of data for analysis is increasing exponentially, and businesses are turning into digital marketing for smart decision-making.   Digital marketing and business intelligence uses data to make quality decisions in order to improve processes and […]

What You Do Need to Know About Outsourcing Web Development

What You Do Need to Know About Outsourcing Web Development

Outsourcing web development happens to be the trend these days. If you are a business, in all probability you have been flooded by offers that promise to get your web development work done abroad for less than what you imagined possible even in your wildest dreams. We suggest that you read the following with your […]

Dr. Peter Akindeju & ICS Outsourcing Ltd Bags prestigious Award

Dr. Peter Akindeju & ICS Outsourcing Ltd Bags Prestigious TEEiN Award.

Award Of Excellence in Youth Development and Enterprise value creation presented to Dr. Peter Akindeju Award Of Most Enterprising Business Support Solutions Company of the year 2018 presented to ICS Outsourcing In recognition of Dr. Peter Akindeju’s effort towards his contribution to the encouragement and assistance of aspiring youth in the development of their entrepreneurial […]

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