Tips on how to prospect on social media

Have you wondered about the exact value of Social media marketing or the proper metrics to measure/analyze social media successes? Top executives are keen on knowing the ROI of social media – the value of customers/ Lead generation that comes from the social media team within a stipulated period. Getting and acquiring online prospect is […]

ICS Limited launches world class tracking platform to monitor moving assets.

SmoothTracker, a brand of ICS Outsourcing– Nigeria’s leading Outsourcing firm, today announced the launch of its tracking platform. It is a platform created specifically for tracking of fleets and other moving assets aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and eliminating other uncertainties. Fleet owners are constantly looking for cost-saving ways to track their assets. The all-new […]

Corporate Social Responsibility – Giving Back

We are delighted to give back to our Society and by this, we have thought it nice to reach out to the young ones in basic school within our immediate environment. This is a way of ploughing back into the immediate environment we operate from and from which we have benefitted immensely The People Management […]


Career growth models do exist in many corporate organizations in order to accelerate the career growth and development of their staff members with the aim of achieving their corporate goals. There is a conscious effort to imbibe quality leadership skills in the talents at their disposal at every point in time. There must be specific […]


Association of Outsourcing Professionals of Nigeria held its 6th Edition of the yearly Outsourcing Expo on the 8th of June 2017 at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos where industry executives addressed the theme: ‘Setting global standard for outsourcing in Nigeria’. The Expo, was addressed by the Group Managing Director of Custodian & Allied Insurance Plc in person of Mr […]

Outsourcing Tips- The Ultimate Guide to Business Process Outsourcing

Outsourcing can be a business enabler. Most startups and established businesses have been able to leverage outsourcing to really grow very fast without losing their competitive advantages. Yet, some businesses still fails at outsourcing. This is why we created this ultimate guide to business process outsourcing. It contains excellent links to outsourcing tips that any […]

7 Books That Every Aspiring Founder And CEO Should Read

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What is Outsourcing? The term “Outsourcing” is among the most despised words in Nigeria; maybe third to NEPA and Police. It is not an easy feat trying to defend the concept of outsourcing. But many of those who loathe the notion of “outsourcing” might be surprised to discover that they, too, are “outsourcers”. Yes, we […]