New challenges are currently rocking the business processing outsourcing (BPO) industry. The trained staff of BPOs is unable to keep up with their field’s ever growing demands. While outsourcing continues to be lucrative and profitable for both ends of the transaction, some BPO companies find themselves unequipped to address skills such as finance and accounting. Other positions considered the most difficult to fill are sales, engineering, management, and IT.

Due to the companies’ multidisciplinary nature, BPO contact or call centers are particularly vulnerable to a skills shortage. These companies find it hard to look for individuals who specialize in fields such as public relations, communications, marketing, and sales. High attrition rates also make talent shortages extra challenging for these BPOs.

Is it possible for a BPO to address this growing shortage? Here are some ways your company can overcome the challenge.

Hire Based on High Standards

During a skill shortage problem, recruitment is a long and tricky process. But hiring the first available applicant who fulfills the minimum requirement will just worsen the problem. Make sure that you hire an expert in the field you are hiring in. Bringing in an expert will save your company a lot more costs and guarantee higher profit in the future. You also save yourself the trouble of potentially having to lay off an incompetent person in the future.

Upgrade and improve your training programs

When a new demand comes up, you can’t rely on new hires alone. Take a closer look at your training program and see how this can advance for the betterment of your employees. Training them on new skills and knowledge also shows them you value their growth, giving your current hires more reasons to stay in the company.

The training program should be effective for the team’s skills development knowledge needs. The session should be effective enough to improve your current customer representatives and transform them into more dynamic professionals.

Improve Your Employee Retention Plan

It’s important to prioritize your available workforce while your company should be addressing new demands. Be sure to include more effective employee engagement plans so that your people continue to stay in the company. Not taking care of them and allowing them to leave will only add more to your recruitment list.

The importance of team building sessions cannot be over-emphasized. Focus also on giving recognition and review which of your employees are deserving of a long overdue promotion.

On a daily basis, recognition can come in smaller forms and be shown to your employees. Be sincere about acknowledging the positive points and achievements of your team. Don’t delay expressing praise, but only do so when there is a true feeling of appreciation. Be sure to give specific details about what was accomplished. Express your gratitude personally and make sure it is positive all throughout.

Be consistent about giving a thank you to someone for a good job if a long speech feels forced. It can be as simple as, “thank you for handling that presentation well” or “thanks for making the extra effort today.” Expressing recognition will enhance your team’s loyalty and morale.

Use a Referral System

All your recruitment work should not be taken by your human resource department. Announce a referral program that allows employees to refer peers, colleagues, and friends from their own network for the available positions. Give an incentive for those whose referrals ended up as successful hires, like a small cash or gift certificate price. This program lets you take advantage of your employee’s wide network and a pool of potential experts.

Work on Your Branding

A handful of experts and qualified individuals will not apply to your company via a job ad alone. Work on communicating your company’s values and culture through your employer brand. Having a clear brand makes it easier for your mission and vision to be communicated in the job ad, copy, and other marketing promotions for vacancies. Those with similar values and the necessary qualities to execute your vision will respond to the branded material.

Choose ability over experience

In a given position or field, most of our job ads emphasize having years of experience. But this number alone shouldn’t determine the applicant’s qualifications. It can limit your prospects and make you miss out on less experienced but equally competent applicants.

Look at the person’s ability, such as the kind of jobs or internships he or she’s had in the past or any programs they underwent outside of their degree. You can also take a closer look at their portfolio or ask for a detailed account of previous projects they’ve managed.

Build Business Agility

The traditional business model in most companies has been questioned by one article entitled “Has Human Resources Become Out of Date?”. These places run on hierarchies, follow restrictive rules, and formalize centers of power. They also tend to put leaders on a pedestal instead of addressing their weaknesses.

But more businesses need to adopt the old model of rule enforcement rather than business agility. Business agility focuses on HR and learning programs that empower managers and their people to make decision, guide managers to coach their teams, and focus on building customer-centric teams. The result is a culture of learning where everyone involved grows.

Continue to Outsource

Even outsourcing companies can follow their own model. If your current HR staff’s expertise is in recruitment, then you can outsource the training and development programs to another company. If you are running a contact center, you could delegate the job marketing collaterals to a creative agency. This saves your company both time and money.

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