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Outsource your payroll management to us for a simple, cost-effective, and secure solution. Stay compliant with changing regulations while focusing on strategic HR activities. With ICS Outsourcing, you can ensure timely payments, accurate calculations, and efficient payroll management.

Our Payroll Management Solutions:

Comprehensive Payroll Service

Simplify payroll management with our comprehensive service, including HR, benefits administration, and HMO remittance, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations.

Employee Pension Plan Management

We assist with pension deduction and remittance, managing the task seamlessly for your employees’ retirement benefits.

Proper Financial Reporting

Properly record payroll taxes and deductions on financial statements, ensuring accurate balance sheet entries for wages, salaries, PAYE, and pensions.

Employee Tax Handling

We simplify the complexity of payroll tax management by handling employee payroll tax withholding and filing on your behalf.

HMO Management

It is our duty to pay HMO contributions of your employees and remit under the scheme within the stipulated time.

Dedicated Payroll Personnel

Dedicated payroll personnel service means you will have a dedicated payroll officer to manage your payroll.

The following are the benefits of payroll outsourcing

Free up valuable time

Accuracy and Data Security

Federal and State Compliance

Access to Expertise of Professionals

Compliant with Tax Withholding protocols

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