Protect Your Organization and Uncover Hidden Risks in People and Business Relationships


Background Check helps protect your organization and uncover hidden risks in people and business relationships.

Background Check Company in Nigeria

The importance of background check cannot be downplayed. A robust background check will help in preventing financial waste and reputational loss to an individual or organization.

To further lend credence to the above, we shall picture a hypothetical case to drive home the point.

Dr. Deolu has been charged to court based on grounds of medical negligence and wrong diagnosis of a patient, now deceased.

He works for a private hospital as a doctor. The patient, Mr.  Nduka, unfortunately, passed away on the doctor’s call and the autopsy report revealed that the doctor was negligent in administering a wrong prescription to the patient.

Dr. Deolu claims that he only gave Mr. Nduka injections provided to him by the nurse on duty, but agreed that he didn’t confirm if it was the right prescription.

The Nurse on duty disappeared after the incident and has been on the run meanwhile Dr. Deolu has been arrested for manslaughter.

Consequently, the hospital’s management has been battered with unsavory responses from the public and has avoidably exposed itself to lawsuits for its medical negligence which has resulted in a failure to conduct adequate background checks on their employees.

Findings further revealed that the nurse who is at large owing to her professional negligence, has no valid nursing certificate and Dr. Deolu was also laid off in his previous place of work due to professional misconduct.

Don’t wait till you are engulfed in a myriad of negative outcomes before conducting Background Checks on your employees, domestic staff, drivers, etc.

Run a Background Check today!

Background Checks Service Company in Nigeria

In a bid to forestall and (or) mitigate reputational, financial and operational risks to your organization, there is a need for every company serious about corporate governance to invest in conducting background checks of her employees. To this end, ICS Outsourcing Limited as a foremost outsourcing company has a number of Background checks solutions to assist you in maximizing profit whilst you reduce business risk.

We are Nigeria and Africa’s leading background check screening company in Nigeria. We operate across the six geo-political zones with our head office situated in Lagos.

Below is a list of background check services/screening services that are recommended for organizations and individual who wish to explore our services:  

Educational Qualification Check

We verify degree results, O’ level Certificates, Diplomas, College trade/vocational schools, and or High school results. We also leverage our robust database that assists our clients to verify their employees’ results at their own convenience.

Previous Employer/Employment Check

We help you verify the accuracy of claims penned down in resumes and ascertain job applicants’ performances in their previous workplace. This service provides you with the date of employment, positions held and manner of exit, productivity assessments, salary, etc.

Criminal Record Check

ICS Outsourcing conducts criminal checks on the character of your business partners.  We leverage on our strong relationship with law enforcement agencies to conduct a criminal search and give you prompt and adequate feedback.

Domestic Staff Check

You do not want to run the risk of employing domestic staff without conducting background checks on the staff. In a bid to ensure you get the right fit, ICS Outsourcing conducts permanent address verification, previous employment check, criminal record check and guarantor verification on your domestic staff (driver, nannies, cooks, gardeners, security guards, house helps, shop assistants, etc.)

Tenant Check

Ascertaining if your prospective tenant has a bad reputation can save you the stress of being embroiled in a legal dispute. Some tenants have a history of not paying their rents as at when due. We can assist you to carry out a check on prospective tenants by finding out behavioural traits in their previous place of abode and predict the outcome of letting such tenant(s) into your property.

Credit Check

Business Partners consummate business deals without a thorough check on the creditworthiness of their fellow business partners. We partner with a CBN certified credit bureau to confirm the creditworthiness of an individual or a company.

Guarantor Verification

It is a well-known fact that some employers request for guarantors before employment. However, only a few employers make efforts to verify the guarantors provided by prospective employees. ICS helps you verify the accuracy of the information contained in the guarantors’ form. We help you confirm the signature of the guarantor, office address, the position and the level of the guarantor in their respective offices to ascertain the veracity of the information provided.

 Reference Check

The character and attitude of a prospective employee to work is of paramount importance to an employer. Having good core values is most times essential to an organization that desires growth. At ICS Outsourcing, we conduct a reference check on prospective employees to ascertain the character and attitude of such employee(s) to work. We also check how reliable, diligent, accurate, honest, and how much of a team player an employee is. 

KYC (Know Your Customer)

This is to obtain information about the identity of the customer. We verify the identity, name, date of birth, address, passport photograph, and reputation of your customers so that your business is protected from financial and reputational risks.

NYSC Certificate Verification

We verify the NYSC Certificate of employees. To this end, verification is conducted on the year NYSC commenced / completion date and authenticity of the certificate.

Professional Certification Verification

In keeping with our mission to provide Business support solutions to organizations, we verify the authenticity of the certificate presented by prospective or existing employees in their professional capacity.

Should there be any Background check services that you are interested in or would like to make clarifications on, kindly speak with our Background Checks expert today.

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