Sales Outsourcing: The Business Growth Catalyst

sales outsourcing business growth catalyst

Why Sales Outsourcing is a good idea for Your Company

Seven out of 10 sales reps fail to satisfy their targets, reports Harvard Business Review. Here at ICS Outsourcing, our outsourced sales experts are smashing their targets up to 238%. We help businesses build successful outsourcing sales teams which will lead businesses to outrageous growth – because if there’s one thing we all know, it’s that poor sales performance is totally avoidable. Regardless of your case, we have an interest in helping your business grow and also make sure you hit your sales figures this year and beyond.

With the market getting more and more competitive, Sales Outsourcing can be a proven success tool for your business. If a business must experience an upturn as the economic landscape becomes stiffer, you have to start looking in the directions of Sales Outsourcing.

Traditionally, most Nigerian SMEs are stuck to the ‘do it yourself’ approach to sales and marketing functions. While that approach can prove successful for a few, many others are realizing that selling is more like fine art. It includes a number of components that come together to make a high-performing team.

It’s no surprise the outsourced sales model has become a game-changer for businesses. Whether it’s your intention to start out afresh or buttress your existing sales operation, outsourcing sales will accelerate growth.

Sales Outsourcing providers continually train and develop their sales team in other that they remain at the top of their game. This suggests you have a highly engaged, passionate people on your team who are fully supported by a culture of sales excellence. Sales Outsourcing offers a systematic and indirect approach to fill your sales experience gaps and deliver on the objectives for outsourcing your sales function to a 3rd party.

Outsourced sales teams have expertise from lead generation to closing sales, valuable market data, customer insights and everything in between. Ultimately, you can expect sales thought leadership, increased revenue and scalable growth which undoubtedly will boost your business.

Enough of these mind-blowing insights and tips into emerging sales outsourcing trends. Let’s talk about why we think outsourcing your sales outfit or function will be a good idea for the business in 2020 and beyond.

Here’s how outsourcing your sales function can help grow your business fast.

Grab a cup of coffee or preferably a cup of tea and take this page with you for a read.

Sales Outsourcing (Sales-as-a-Service) as a model has become a game-changer for businesses. Whether it’s your intention to start out afresh or buttress your existing sales operation, outsourcing sales will accelerate growth.

The majority of times, do you know what is responsible for annihilating your business into losses? It’s your dawdling and rambling sales function. So, what can be done to achieve success in sales generation and ensure you close this year with amazing sales figures with the untapped potential of Sales Outsourcing?

If your company sales aren’t where they should be, don’t immediately point the finger at the sales team. Look around the edges of your sales pipeline by locking down your proposition and your marketing strategy– otherwise, the job of the salesperson is a very difficult one and to the process of recruiting or replacing a good salesperson can be a daunting task.

It has been observed that in Nigeria, most businesses (especially SMEs) generate sales and marketing shifts with in-house solutions. They either deploy a dedicated team of sales and marketing professionals or burden the prevailing employees by asking them to perform multiple roles. However, in both cases, if the acquired results lead to inconsistent sales generation or performance, the direct bearer is the organization. And as such, businesses tend to fall silently, despite the ongoing efforts.

With Sales Outsourcing, this effort can be channeled in the right direction. How do I mean? Sales outsourcing provides an excellent platform upon which companies can hinge to attract high volumes of sales for their products and services using a third-party sales company or outsourcing provider. It helps you collaborate while you leverage their sales expertise and experience for your company and services. With the market getting more and more competitive, sales outsourcing can be a proven success tool for your business. If a business must experience an upturn as the economic landscape becomes stiffer, you have to start looking in the directions of Sales Outsourcing.

Sales Outsourcing already gained ground and claiming huge wins in developed economies like Germany, the US, and therefore the UK. But due to lack of benefactor information on this model, African and Asian countries are still just starting to grasp the benefits of sales outsourcing.

Here is how sales outsourcing can benefit your business:

Rapid Growth

79% of businesses feel outsourcing can help them scale faster, according to a HBR survey; and another 78% report outsourcing increases sales and leads volumes. The implication is that as the revenue base increases, then business growth and expansion is inevitable.

Increased Sales Revenue

With sales and marketing experts getting involved, data-driven analysis channels profits into your company’s growth strategy. This, in turn, helps attract high sales volume and profit by reducing cost consumption and resources spent on recruiting, training, managing, and retaining competent sales staff. The process is not a one-off thing. It is a continuous and gradual process. Adding an outsourced lead, a sales generation channel or layer will increase revenue, shorten the sales cycle with a tremendous positive impact on the business.

Accessibility to the latest tool and technology

Having the latest tools and knowledge at your disposal can be expensive. For sales outsourcing companies, it is a priority for their sales force to be well equipped and trained having at their disposal different kinds of sales technology tools. These tools give support and improve their sales process and prospecting. Therefore, outsourcing sales is a cost-effective way to take advantage of the best technology as the experts take on all the heavy lifting.

Save time and reduce the cost of sales

It can be highly costly and demanding to process the sales team on the bench and to bear all their expenses without promising results. But with sales outsourcing, a direct cut to this approach can be monitored, with favorable results. Sales Outsourcing helps reduce operation inefficiencies, gain best-in-class sales technology (at a fraction of the cost), cut back on talent costs, minimize overheads, achieve better results and become more agile as time is freed up for the company to focus on core competencies.

Earn benefits from a focused sale

Outsourcing sales function to a specialist company can bring voluminous benefits to an organization. As highlighted above, the outsourcing trend in many developed countries understood the power of engagement of a dedicated sales team. A sharply focused sales function would and always be the backbone of revenue generation for any business.

Expand customer reach

We often hear that a data-driven approach is what sales marketing is all about, and it is very true! Sales outsourcing is not just a third party working on your sales services; instead, it is a model where all the sales parameters are subjected and considered vision to deliver the best business. When there is a data analysis model involved, you have access to potential customers easily, which could directly affect your bottom line. Reducing the cost of sale with Sales Outsourcing brings in a different level of flexibility with cost-cutting benefits to a company without compromising the core sales factor.

Pay for performance

You pay for performance, no point keeping a sales team that is not driving the result. Sales outsourcing can prove to be a wise decision for any company because it is all about trust investment. Sales is one of the leading supporting pillars for every business. With sales outsourcing, companies can partner with the right sales service provider with whom are more defined and orientated approach sales outsourcing firm and the get paid based on the result delivered.

Leverage years of experience

Overnight, your business can gain insight into years of experience. Hasten the learning process and work with highly trained and motivated talents who have worked across multiple industries. Partnering with ICS Outsourcing, for example, opens up your business to 25 years of shared market data and industry experience. To see how you can gain years of experience overnight and draw insight from market research, talk to our Sales Outsourcing Expert.

 Greater accountability

Outsourced teams are paid based on success; so, their skin is well and truly in the game. As a result of greater accountability, you get stronger results and a continued business relationship.

Maximized collaboration

Marketing and sales typically operate in silos. However, a sales partner works cross-functionally. They are more agile and driven as they have access to a holistic view and are paid on results.

Hence, it can be concluded that the emergence of Sales Outsourcing is a specialized medium with which companies can extract sales benefit with a cost-control benefit because of being cost-friendly and credible. Sales Outsourcing has been observed as one of the most trending outsourcing patterns in any business.

Needless to ask, if outsourcing your sales is right for your business, you have seen for yourself the benefits of Sales Outsourcing and these benefits are not limited to the points mentioned in this article.

We have a motto at ICS Outsourcing: “If we believe in it, as long it delivers value to the customer, we can sell it”.

Say goodbye to the recursive admin expenses, the people management, and having to drive performance and say hello to results and revenue delivered right to your door each month.

To find out if outsourcing your sales team could result in faster growth for your business, click here to speak with one of our Sales Outsourcing Experts.


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