SmoothRide – Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business

Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business

Is your regular Taxi safer for your business trips than SmoothRide (Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business)?

In 2019, ICS Outsourcing propelled its ride-sharing application known as SmoothRide – Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business,  upsetting the taxi administration/ridesharing industry, and since, it has perceived gigantic development. As of the last quarter in 2019, SmoothRide has about 4000 drivers and 75 Clients across the country. In any case, this electrifying development may hit an obstruction due to expanding worries about insecurity.


  1. In Nigeria, SmoothRide drivers and cabbies have a comparable foundation and qualification checks, notwithstanding, contingent upon the state, SmoothRide drivers undergoes rigorous driving test and background checks verification to ensure adherence to driving regulations and composed customer service delivery


  1. Cab drivers aren’t checked as often as possible as SmoothRide drivers, so wrongdoing may go unchecked; Taxi drivers can have liquor in their circulation system as long as it’s under as far as possible—SmoothRide drivers are trained to adhere to corporate driving rules


  1. SmoothRide requires the utilization of the latest models of vehicles compared to taxi organizations who care less about the state of their car depriving riders of the comfort needed.


  1. The Ride-hailing application makes SmoothRide more secure than taxi from numerous points of view; drivers and riders can check evaluations on one another, constant GPS assist everybody with finding one another, and computerized appointments and installments limit burglaries.


  1. Taxi raises wellbeing worries by saying in its fine print that it isn’t answerable for riders’ property or any close to home wounds they support while riding; as a rule, SmoothRide drivers and ICS Outsourcing are at risk.



Who’s Driving?

SmoothRide’s site says “driver-partners” are screened through a multi-step process, which incorporates surveying criminal and driving history. It is accounted for that prospective drivers or partners must present their Social Security data(BVN), driver’s permit, verification of protection and vehicle enlistment numbers, which are screened by an in-house background verification team at ICS Outsourcing.


How Accountable Is SmoothRide?

Since SmoothRide drivers utilize private vehicles, they are likewise ready to fly under the radar of the guidelines that apply to proficient drivers, making SmoothRide drivers progressively responsible. SmoothRide drivers experience visit observing, while the appraisal of Taxi drivers is said to be a coincidental check. What’s more, SmoothRide drivers blameworthy of a crime endure fast punishments and conceivable suspension, yet wrongdoing by a cab driver, who isn’t enrolled under any government or state body, may never be uncovered.


What They’re Driving

The subject of wellbeing likewise incorporates the state of a taxi driver’s vehicle. Here and there, SmoothRide has an edge in wellbeing since it requires its vehicles to be generally new (post-2005 models). Then again, that bit of leeway fortifies when you consider that the run-of-the-mill taxi vehicles are not analyzed past the once-a-year test. SmoothRide, in any case, for the most part, experiences normal wellbeing checks past yearly enlistment, including vehicle checks by a specialized team.


The Technology Behind the Ride

The SmoothRide application, in any case, might be the very component that makes SmoothRide a security champion. The application implies business travelers can enter their data into the application and get explicit data about the driver getting them; so there’s nothing of the sort as an arbitrary ride. Riders additionally don’t have to leave secure premises and remain outside in a dangerous neighborhood as with hailing a taxi.


The Bottom Line

Deciding if SmoothRide – Top Ride-Hailing Service in Nigeria for Business is more secure than a taxi ride depends, somewhat, on the screening prerequisites, the particular profile of the driver and the state of the vehicle. Be that as it may, less requirement and observing, just as the absence of obligation with respect to the Taxi driver, may bring about a less secure ride.

Simultaneously, getting a ride on SmoothRide implies you don’t need to take part in an irregular pickup, and you can likely get a brief ride, even in a risky neighborhood. So is Smoothride more secure for you? The appropriate response relies upon where and what your identity is.


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  • Ikechukwu April 11, 2022 @ 8:38 am

    Do you offer ride management service? I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla I intend registering with your company. How much can I earn on a monthly basis from it?

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