Outsourcing Software Development – What you should know.

Outsourcing Software Development – What you should know.

Have you heard of the  “5 Ws of Outsourcing Software Development”? – No big deal if you haven’t, these include:

Whom to Outsource (to), Why to Outsource, Where to Outsource, When to Outsource, What to Outsource and Why to Outsource

  1. When to Outsource

Next to the Shakespearean dilemma of “To be or not to be”, “To outsource or not” must be, in our opinion, the one thought that keeps occupying the minds of top executives through those long nights. The simple answer to this is that Software Development Outsourcing offers benefits that far outweigh the risks.

Firms like ICS Limited are global leaders in software outsourcing and bring to the table world-class technological excellence, programmers with advanced coding and project management skills and multiple industry expertise. This kind of breadth of experience and depth of technical skills is available in-house to just a handful of companies in the world today. For the rest, which constitutes 99.999% of the market, if you want to lead your industry (or catch up with your competitors, if you are new to the game) and be nimble at the same time, software outsourcing is the way to go.

Outsourcing also gives you a magic wand to increase or decrease the size of your software development team with just a wave of your hand! (Of course, we’re kidding about the magic wand, but you get the idea.) At ICS Outsourcing, for example, we can give you a 1 member “team” or a 10-member team from Day 1. And we can even ramp up the team size to a 100 with a few riders. So software outsourcing gives you tremendous business flexibility and reduced time to market. If your firm was to do everything in house when on earth do you think your product would hit the market? May be in 2050? Outsourcing ensures that your product has a drastically reduced time to market.

You need to outsource because you can make significant improvements to your bottomline. In the face of dog-eat-dog competitiveness and quarter-to-quarter performance expectations, outsourcing helps you save those precious few Nairas that could make all the difference. About 50% of executives who participated in our last year’s survey admitted that reducing costs is the number one reason for outsourcing. Typical savings ranged from 30 to 50% with a few reporting even higher percentages.

  1. When to Outsource

They say the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, but the next best time is right now. Similarly, we would say that the best time to outsource was about two years ago, but the next best time is now!

Ideally you should begin the outsourcing process any time you are ready for an inflection point in your business growth curve!

  1. What to Outsource

Some activities are better suited to outsourcing than the rest. While you might be able to “outsource” a womb for a “surrogate” pregnancy, software outsourcing is a much more safe option!

And when we at ICS Outsourcing talk of software, we are mainly talking about Application Development, Requirements Engineering, UX Design and Software Testing in technologies such as Microsoft .NET, Open Source software (WordPress, Drupal, Magento), iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android and Windows Phone.

  1. Where to Outsource

Naturally, there is a virtual war out there for your outsourcing Naira. From Eastern Europe to China to the Indians, there are companies out there that do excellent outsourced software development work. Then there is, of course, Nigeria. Being based in Nigeria ourselves, we wouldn’t want to blow our own trumpets and proclaim that Nigeria is the best destination for outsourcing software! We are also aware that there are a few very clever outfits and individuals out there who are keen to paint the Nigerian software outsourcing market in a bad light.

  1. Whom to Outsource to

Outsource to someone with the knowledge, experience, expertise and an excellent track record in outsourced software development. Needless to say, we at ICS Outsourcing offer you just that!

We have experience in industries ranging from Travel & Hospitality to Healthcare to Media & Entertainment to eCommerce to Logistics (Supply Chain & Manufacturing) to Telecom and Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

Next up, we work as your partner and not as a mere vendor. This means that we work as an extension of your core team and not as a “foreign” group that doesn’t share your enthusiasm or ideology. We first understand your passion and allow that passion to drive our outsourcing effort. In short we put our brains and hearts into our work. We know lots of brains are available for hire, but when was the last time you heard about hearts on hire?

Perhaps, a key differentiator is the fact that we speak your language. We understand your needs and your expectations, and we share the same. The only thing that matters to us the only thing that matters to you – your success.

Talk to us today and see how we can help you get the best out of outsourcing.

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