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Career growth models do exist in many corporate organizations in order to accelerate the career growth and development of their staff members with the aim of achieving their corporate goals. There is a conscious effort to imbibe quality leadership skills in the talents at their disposal at every point in time.

There must be specific goals for the career growth strategy to ensure its effectiveness. Organizations with strong corporate cultures achieve this seemingly arduous task better because of a strong dedication to the career development of their staff. Grooming a formidable pool of talents who are effectively engaged will eventually rub off on the organization’s success.

The onus lies on current leadership within organizations to groom the next generation for the sustainability of their corporate governance. The skills set and excellent leadership potential of employees can be developed in order to ensure career satisfaction and employee productivity.

Companies that adopt career management programmes for their staff members find it easier to harness their skills for capacity development in the long run. The human resources manager has a lot to do in this regard by objectively looking out for young, dynamic, self-motivated and passion-driven individuals.

A career development programme can only thrive in a learning environment. Learning precedes development and both are easily achievable within a framework built around cordial employer-employee engagement. Real projects or job assignments that stretch employees’ faculties are ways of truly making sense of career growth. Employee skills must be nurtured vis-à-vis the employee performance management and organizational goals.

The duration of the career development programme can vary depending on the organizational structure – career development models only work in an organization with a structure built on strategy. It is very important for the human resources manager to measure the growth recorded with strategic and technology tools so as to achieve its fundamental objective of grooming the next generation of leaders.

Succession plan also becomes very easy when worthy employees are given the opportunity to grow within the organization. When a leadership pool is to be built, it is pertinent that human resources managers come up with strategic framework that shows its sense of direction. HR managers do not need to create an imaginary lacuna within the top management if there is a feedback mechanism. Where line managers are also assessed by other employees, there would definitely be a courageous workforce with excellent drive for achievement of organizational goals. The future of any organization starts with a conscious effort to invest in the growth and development of its employees.

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