ICS Limited launches world class tracking platform to monitor moving assets.

SmoothTracker, a brand of ICS Outsourcing– Nigeria’s leading Outsourcing firm, today announced the launch of its tracking platform. It is a platform created specifically for tracking of fleets and other moving assets aimed at increasing efficiency, reducing cost, and eliminating other uncertainties.

Fleet owners are constantly looking for cost-saving ways to track their assets. The all-new tracking platform offers our users the ultimate asset monitoring experience across all platforms like Desktop, Tablets, Phones, and is also available in Android and IOS devices. Users can enjoy some major benefits of real-time traffic report, playback functionalities, voice monitoring, over speeding alerts, live weather radar, SMS Engine control, self-deactivation, and geo-fencing that alert you when your assets enter, exit or are in proximity.

SmoothTracker customers can choose between a variety of payment plan (Monthly SubscriptionPre-Paid, and Installment). The tracking platform now offers individuals the opportunity to make extra income through the ‘sales agent” program

For more information on SmoothTracker, click here

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