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The year 2020 had caught many businesses by surprise. Many Organizations were completely unprepared to carry out business operations during the mandatory shutdown and curfews. As restrictions are being removed, many business leaders are still grappling with the loss of revenue they experienced at the beginning of the year. As a result of growing business losses, many business leaders have begun to have future-proof financial difficulties, especially when it’s due to circumstances that are outside of their control. Having a virtual office is a great approach to future-proofing a business against financial hardship, making business operations sustainable and resilient.

In case you don’t know what virtual office is used for, a virtual office is a service that enables employees and business owners to work remotely by providing a range of business functions accessible through the internet. They provide a high level of flexibility to the business. Virtual Offices makes it possible to deploy all the employees and continue working in worst-case scenarios such as during a pandemic, natural disasters, and economic uncertainty.

Flexymore - Virtual Office

Virtual Office Expectations

They are several key features to expect from using a virtual office tool. Business owners and employees can enjoy the benefits from these arrangements and these include:

Online Meetings:

An expected feature of a virtual workplace is the capacity to orchestrate online meetings. This new work arrangement gives virtual conference rooms for business gatherings. By utilizing these meeting rooms, you can converse with your colleagues or clients. With high-definition video conferencing, the virtual world can transform into the real world face-to-face meetings.


At the point when you utilize a virtual office, you can connect to your office from wherever you want. You need not be present at a specific location or workspace to get your work done. With a virtual office tool, it is possible to work from a different work location.

Greater Talent Reach:

A virtual office tool allows business owners access to worldwide expertise. You can build your reach for better talent and customers from different nations. When your company is not bound to a specific location, it is easier to address the global markets.

Lower Costs :

A physical office can be costly to set up. In addition to renting office space or building one, you would buy equipment and software to run business activities for the office. In the case of virtual working spaces and tools, both the office space rent and technology investment costs are drastically decreased. Businesses can use extra capital savings for other pertinent business deals.

High Productivity

Work flexibility that promotes work-life balance improves productivity amongst the workforce which in turn, helps diminish the employee turnover rate.

Flexible work-life:

Flexibility at work makes workers more energetic, spirited, and interested in work. A study conducted by Stanford University economics professor Nicholas Bloom found that 80% of employees perform better in a flexible workspace.

flexymore - state of remote work
flexymore – state of remote work

Virtual Office: Expectation meets reality: 

Virtual offices have some disadvantages when facing real business operations. Meanwhile, not all businesses can make use of virtual office tools. The nature of a business or job role would greatly determine the effectiveness of a Virtual Office System.

One of the most notable disadvantages of virtual offices is a lack of engagement. When you are working in a physical office, it is easier to engage with team members and customers. However, virtual offices affect the level of engagement. In addition to this, some workers might undergo a decreased sense of belonging. All these dilemmas can be solved with excellent HR practices and uncovering new ways to stimulate the workers.

Working from home or anywhere asides from the company’s physical address using virtual office tools might be hampered by distractions. Distractions such as incoming calls, emails, noise, and other household duties Operating in a physical office often helps employees with concentrating on working. Your employees can reduce distractions by planning their entire day and find new ways to concentrate on their work.

Business Operations and Future Risks

Virtual office comes with several benefits that enable Business continuity and sustainability through an economic uncertainty period and unforeseen situations. Despite the challenges virtual office settings might bring, they are a weapon to keep up with the ever-changing business system. Strengthen your business today by getting a reliable and secured virtual office tool. One of the best virtual office space you can try out for free is Flexymore.com

Flexymore.com is a virtual office software that aids business growth, continuity, and sustainability. The application provides its users with the best features in a remote working environment such as employee grouping, time tracking, events setting, illustrative statistics, milestone tracking, and many more. To demo flexymore.com for free, click here > https://bit.ly/flexymore



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