What You Do Need to Know About Outsourcing Web Development

What You Do Need to Know About Outsourcing Web Development

Outsourcing web development happens to be the trend these days. If you are a business, in all probability you have been flooded by offers that promise to get your web development work done abroad for less than what you imagined possible even in your wildest dreams.

We suggest that you read the following with your eyes wide open if you’re a pointy-haired boss (affectionately abbreviated as PHB) with an IQ approaching the freezing point.

It’s About Saving Money

Are you considering outsourcing? Outsourcing Web Development is all about saving money for your company. Despite anything anyone else would tell you, usually, the biggest incentive for outsourcing web development is the difference in salaries paid to software developers in-house and the company where the project is being outsourced.

Let’s say a typical software programmer gets around NGN350,000 per month. In ICS Outsourcing, the same resource may be available for about NGN250,000.

It’s About Flexibility and Quality.

When you have that Saturday night party that you need to attend with your wife and your young kids would be home alone, what do you do? Of course, you hire a baby sitter on an hourly basis. So you get to enjoy the party and your kids are well looked after too. Isn’t this one of the greatest benefits of outsourcing web development? You get to attend the party. Or, well, you focus on the really critical things, while your outsourced web developers take care of the coding. Neat, huh?

Or let’s say you want to double the number of employees you currently have so you can halve your development time for that killer app your company is bringing out. The problem is (1) you don’t have time to hire these additional resources on your own and bring them on board, and (2) you may only need them for the initial build stage and they may become redundant once the project goes live. With outsources like ICS Outsourcing, you can hire as many resources as you like, and for as many days as you like. Problem solved.

It’s About Technology

Let’s face it, you may be an expert in your area of business but when it comes to a particular technology (especially a new technology) you, or your existing employees, may not have a clue. OK, we are not trying to question your intelligence here, but the fact is that you do not need to know the inside out of technology. That is what we are here for. We understand technology very well.

You have this great business idea and you need a great web site that looks and performs just great. But what technology or platform would you have to use? What do you think of .NET development, Drupal web development, Magento development, Or how about WordPress? Do you think custom web development is what you need? Don’t have a clue? Ask us, that’s what we are here for.

Your understanding of your business domain and our understanding of technology should make a great partnership.

It’s About Expertise

Quick: When was the last time you cut your own hair? Most of us would have our own favorite salons and barbers. And most of us would flinch at the thought of going to a barber that lacked expertise – the results would be too obvious. While the results of outsourcing web development to someone who lacks expertise may not be as visible as in the case of the barber, the results would be no less damaging.

When it comes to web development, we are experts. We not only know the technology, we know the nuances of the outsourcing arrangement. So whether it is outsourcing custom web development or web development with WordPress, Drupal or Magento, we have the expertise that you need to succeed at what your business plans to achieve.

It’s About Experience

How many of us would be comfortable flying across the Atlantic in an airplane with two rookies as pilots?

In terms of technology outsourcing and web development, we at ICS Outsourcing has acquired some impressive “flying experience”. We have clocked thousands and thousands of hours flying (developing) some of the most complex technologies out there.

Do send us an email and we will get right back to you with an impressive list of previous client engagements and projects we have handled.

It’s About Innovation

According to Wikipedia, Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs. (link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Innovation )

We can confidently say that outsourcing web development necessarily makes your business more innovative. At ICS Outsourcing, we can give you case studies after case studies about the various innovations we have provided for our many clients.

So whether it is new requirements that seem to have appeared out of nowhere or inarticulate needs that just have to be met, we have the confidence and competence to provide you solutions that are just right for your business.

And, oh, by the way, if you want to read about ICS Software development Outsourcing, this is where to go: https://www.icsoutsourcing.com/it-outsourcing/


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